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Thu, Dec 18 2014 14:00 (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Performance as a Feature


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Performance as a Feature

A high performing data tier does not happen by accident. High quality shops understand that performance must be designed as a feature. While SQL Server remains one of the most popular databases in the world, the modern software engineer would rather learn Entity Framework, Dapper, or ORMLite over straight TSQL. The TSQL keys have in many cases been handed over to a service tier or ORM; maintaining a high performing database in this environment places significant emphasis on fundamental design. This session will identify the 5 most important factors that every database requires to support "performance as a feature". This session is for the Software Engineer or DBA/Data Architect/DBE who works with database servers whose TSQL has been abstracted at the application layer.

Prior to focusing full time on Database Administration Russ spent several years in law enforcement including four as a WA State CJTC Instructor specializing in Emergency Vehicle Driving at Portland Intl Raceway. An experienced public speaker and trainer, Russ also has many years of hands on IT work and leadership. Russ is certified in both SQL Server Administration, Development, and is active in the SQL community.